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About Eithan Blumer

Dr. Eitan Blumer is a dentist since 1985. He graduated with a doctorate of dentistry at the University of Rome, Italy. He was accredited to practice dentistry in Italy (the State Exams, esame di stato) and the European Economic Community countries. Since 1987, he accumulated two years of of advanced training at the maxillofacial department of the Tel Hashomer Hospital and joined the department as a full-time doctor. 

Courses and Advanced Trainings
For approximately four years he worked at the Oral Medicine Service Department at the Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. Following his specialization in sedation at the Department of Oral Medicine, he treated patients with dental anxiety, and trained dental students in the field of Sedation and General Anesthesia in dentistry. Dr. Blumer participated in various advanced trainings and courses: He is a graduate of the Medical Hypnosis Center, where he completed the course of studies in implant rehabilitation of Hadassah Ein Karem and the American course in orthodontics (P.O.S.)

Dental implants

Since 1992 he completed dozens of advanced trainings on dental implants at the most important medical centers worldwide and in the United States (Chicago university, Boston university, Churi Clinic Germany, Frankfurt University Hospital in Germany, Palti Clinic in Germany), Paolo Malo Clinic Lisbon and in Sweden.

Dr. Blumer has vast experience in performing a wide variety of transplant surgeries; Immediate extractions and implants, angular implants, computerized transplantations, bone graft implementing non-traumatic techniques, sinus lifts, and the use of P.R.F., which improves implant healing and success (his clinic is one of the only clinics implementing this technique)

Surgical Treatments
Dr. Eitan Blumer performs in his clinics a variety of surgical treatments, including: Crown extensions, pocket reduction, regenerative surgery with Emdogain, membrane, covering of exposed roots, execution of dental implants, bone building and sinus lifts.
Membership in Professional Associations

Dr. Eitan Blumer is a member of several professional associations:
  • The Israel Dental Association
  • The Israeli Society of Periodontology and Transplantations
  • The Israeli Association of Dental Transplants
  • The American Society of Laser dentistry

Other activities
Dr. Blumer is the dentist of the Hapoel Holon team and personally treats the players and staff members of that team.

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